My Story

How Tonya's Teas Got Started

Since I was a little girl, climbing up on a chair to see my grandma’s tins of tea, opening each one to smell them, taking a sip of every kind she had to offer, I have been hooked on tea!  

Growing up as an Army brat and then being married to a man whose career was in the auto industry, I've moved and traveled all over the world. I've experienced tea in more countries than I can remember. When I lived in Germany and China, my family traveled throughout Europe and Asia where I've had the opportunity to experience many different kinds of tea .  For instance, while living in Shanghai I went to the mountains where the tea was grown, picked and dried. I loved being a part of the Chinese tea ceremonies and relishing in the British high tea custom.  Every cup, in every country, amidst every culture, has given me a great appreciation and love for tea.

For decades I’ve had a dream to open a tea shop, to provide an environment for people to connect over tea.  Unfortunately, with the pandemic, many people have lost loved ones, jobs, and generally lost a connection with society, friends, and family.  


To me, tea is not only a way to connect with others but also a way to connect with myself, relax, and to do something just for me amidst having three kids, dogs, cats, a husband and a busy life of moving 23 times.  The soothing scent and warm feeling of a mug of hot tea in my hands (especially on a cold winter’s day!), sends a calming peace throughout my body.  And another cup is an excuse to sit a little longer and finish a Hallmark movie 😊 or extend a conversation with someone, to have a real, meaningful quiet connection.  I encourage you to take this time for yourself too!

My tea baskets are way for us to connect, virtually or in person, over a cup a tea or two. They are an excuse to have a nice chat to catch up or to just let someone know they’re being thought of.  My hope is that each recipient will feel the warmth and love that has been sent their way.  It’s the smile on their face and the love that fills their heart that makes this all worth while, one person, one quiet connection, at a time.

Tonya's mom and daughter enjoy having tea at a local tea house.