Springtime Special Basket

Our Spring Special Basket comes with:

~ a Spring Special Basket

~ 8 high quality Tea Forte teas

~ 4 chewy ginger snap cookies

~ a Honey Clover Soy Candle

~ a Honey Clover Room Spray

~ A White Solstice Tea Cup & Saucer

~ a bag of Amber Tea Sugar for 6 cups of tea

~ Tea Forte's Orchid White Tea Tray 

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A White Solstice Tea Cup & Saucer

In this basket you will get Tea Forte's Solstice Teacup and Saucer.  The base of the cup is square which matches the square bottoms of the tea bags and nestles into the square inset on the saucer for a safe and snug fit.


8 Tea Bags

The tea we feature is by Tea Forte.   Please see “Our Teas” for a full description of their tea blends.  Each bag is good for at least two infusions (steepings), so you will have anywhere from 12 - 18 cups of tea.  Please refer to our “Making the Perfect Cup of Tea” page to see the optimal temperature and other tips on how to brew your perfect cup of tea! 

Chewy Ginger Snap Cookies

These are some of our favorite homemade cookies!  Honestly, they are the perfect blend of chewy and spicy to make a great companion with your tea!  They’re made by Tonya herself so you’re sure to get only the best, highest quality ingredients to make an unforgettable tea time experience!  These cookies are NOT gluten or dairy free and contain eggs.


The Soy Candle and Room Spray

This gorgeous honey & clover scented candle comes in an adorable 4 oz. travel tin and the room spray is just as pretty!  Honey & Clover has the yummy scent of floral honey with touches of orange flower and cinnamon. 


The candle has an approximate burn time of about 20 hours and

the room spray comes in a 3.4 oz metal container.


Tea Forte's Orchid White Tea Tray

Tea Forté’s ceramic Tea Tray sets offer a festive presentation for serving pyramid tea infusers. When done steeping, place your infuser on the tray to capture the drips. 


Tea Forte’s Amber Tea Sugar

A perfectly sweet compliment for your tea time that has just the right amount of sweetness. Sourced from beets, it has a naturally occurring amber hue and is designed to enhance the flavor of your favorite tea without changing it. This product is Kosher Certified, fat-free, gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan. One teaspoon of this tea sugar per tea bag will be included with this basket.  Spoon a few rocks into your tea cup while it steeps. Stir well and enjoy!