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We have the perfect Tea Baskets to help you reconnect with all the favorite people in your life!

Do you miss the connection with someone in your life?

Do you want to let them know they're being thought of?

Our all-occasion Tea Baskets are a great way to reconnect with your favorite people!


The first thing they see will be an invitation for them to join you virtually or in person, to catch up over a cup of tea. Then, once they uncover all the thoughtful gifts, they'll be so excited and will be looking forward to seeing your smiling face very soon!


We know you will enjoy our unique gift baskets!

(And remember, you're allowed to spoil yourself a bit and get one too!)


Tonya's Teas & Quiet Connections



My Story

Since I was a little girl, climbing up on a chair to see my grandma’s tins of tea, opening each one to smell them, taking a sip of every kind she had to offer, I have been hooked on tea!  

Growing up as an Army brat and then being married to a man whose career was in the auto industry, I've moved and traveled all around the world. I've experienced tea in more countries than I can remember but I can start with Germany and China, where I lived for some years. I learned a lot about tea while living in Shanghai; going to the mountains where they grew tea and learned how they picked and dried it. I loved the Chinese tea ceremonies and British high tea in the afternoons. I've had tea in some of the best hotels and restaurants around the world and have savored every drop. They really know their tea too!

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