Tea For One Basket


All of our Tea for One Baskets come with:


~ a decorative gift box of your choice

~ a mug of your choice

~ 4 Tea Forte tea bags of your choice

~ 6 chewy ginger snap cookies

~ one 2 oz. soy candle in a travel tin

~ a stress-reducing amethyst rubbing stone

~ a bag of scrumptious chocolates and soul warming candies


Customize your own basket today and have it shipped to where you desire, delivered or for your local pick-up.

you will also get a
Vanilla Amber scented travel tin candle


A Special Mug

You get to choose from several beautiful mugs! 

All mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.


4 Tea Infusers (Bags)


Here at Tonya’s Teas we want only the best tea blends for our customers and Tea Forté is at the top of our list!  Tea Forte has exquisite blends of high quality teas that are served in some of the best hotels, resorts and restaurants around the world in over 35 countries.  A great deal of time, research, and detail go into creating each perfect cup of tea all the way down to the pyramid shaped infusers (aka tea bags).  The infusers allow the tea leaves to fully open so that all the exquisite flavors are released. Please refer to our “Suggested Temperatures” page to see the optimal temperature to brew your tea.


Chewy Ginger Snap Cookies

These are some of the world's best cookies!  Honestly, they are the perfect blend of chewy and spicy to make a great companion with your tea!  They’re made by Tonya herself so you’re sure to get only the best, highest quality ingredients to make an unforgettable tea time experience!  These cookies are NOT gluten or dairy free and contain eggs.


Amethyst Rubbing Stone

The crystal amethyst, when held in your hand and rubbed with your fingers, works as a natural stress reliever.  It accentuates positive energy while cleansing the body of negative vibes and emotions like anger, anxiety, depression and fear.   When you have a stone in your home or pocket, it encourages you to engage in positive introspection, which helps you to access your true feelings and increase intuition.  When placed near you when sleeping it will help you reach a deeper sleep.  Stones vary in shape and size.