Making the Perfect Cup of Tea

Different kinds of teas warrant different temperatures to bring out the best flavors.  If the water is too hot for a specific tea it can “burn” the leaves leaving a bitter taste.  Consequently, water that isn’t hot enough will taste weak with other tea leaves.  Below is a guide to help you achieve the optimum flavor for each kind of tea.  And if you get a bit lazy, as Tonya does from time to time, just heat the water to about 175 degrees and adjust the steep time.  This is not going to give the best results but it simplifies the process when you’re in a hurry.  So take a look at what your favorite blends require and we hope this guide makes them taste even better!

Step 1     Using filtered or RO (reverse osmosis) water will give your tea a clean, fresh taste.  Tap water, with all its impurities and minerals, can change the flavor of the water, thus altering the flavor of the tea.  Bottled water is perfect for the job!

Step 2     Heating the water to right temperature based on the type of tea, is the most important step!


Because black and oolong teas are more oxidized, they require a higher temperature and longer steeping time.  Many suggest boiling your water first and letting it cool a minute or two before pouring it over your tea bag.  Then steep for about 2-3 minutes depending on how strong you like it.

Green, white and yellow teas aren’t oxidized much so they produce a better flavor using a lower temperature for the water.  They also don’t need as long to steep.  Keeping the water at the lower temperature will keep your tea from tasting bitter.

Step 3     Steep the tea about 2-3 minutes for most teas, but for black tea 4-5 will bring out the most robust flavor.  Great for those of you who like a strong kick first thing in the morning!  Adjust times based on your own tastes though.  Everyone is different!

Step 4     If you like your tea a little on the sweet side some great sweeteners that bring out the natural flavors of your tea are:  amber tea sugar (very mild), dark or light amber agave, and honey.

Enjoy!  Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!